Tim Ringo – Solving the Productivity Puzzle – How people engagement, innovation and performance will transform the world of work

Solving the Productivity Puzzle is based on the premise that people want to contribute in the workplace, but eventually, if they aren’t motivated by something that touches them personally, they will lose their initiative. Add to that our ever changing technology, leaders are faced with challenges daily.

 “Why continue doing something that does not align to one’s personal motivations and desires?” – Tim Ringo Solving the Productivity Puzzle pg 1.

Ringo argues that there’s more to finding a job people enjoy because there are so many other factors involved than just one’s pleasure. Ringo includes some precise graphs which show us what ‘working smarter’ and hiring the right people for the job would look like. He suggests a system (PEIP) which could be used to find those right people for the right job.

Solving the Productivity Puzzle takes this system step by step and presents examples of how the process is being initiated by successful organizations today.

With his incredible stockpile of statistics, some which are amazing to read, Ringo says that the culture of the work force needs to continue to grow and expand and include more technology that will match jobs with people so people can do what they do best. “Dream, create, and innovate.” (ZoBell 2018).

“How we think about digital is as important as using digital. Being digital is an attitude, a culture, a way of doing things (or not doing things). It’s less about the gadgets.” 

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 Ringo’s well referenced suggestions on how to produce a more efficient workplace touches on areas that are not found in many simpler how-to business manuals. The research represented in Solving the Productivity Puzzle is massive in this 238 page book and extremely cutting edge. If you’re looking for a new and innovative way for your organization to approach technology which would otherwise threaten to replace human beings in the work force, this is a reference you will need. 

“…cloud HR systems allow the organization to push the centre of gravity for people management down to the line management. They are relatively simple to use and make line managers look like HR experts, if implemented correctly. The organization is now freed up to focus on the things that matter: the performance of the organization. A win-win for all involved. It’s a quiet revolution underway that is changing work and long-held business management principles.”  Solving the Productivity Puzzle Tim Ringo pg. 82

Solving the Productivity Puzzle is professionally written with an energy that displays Tim Ringo’s love for his work, the exact attitude and vitality he hopes to encourage to his readers, and to the workforce. His charts make his ideas clear; his case histories drive his points home. He has a well-defined blueprint for those wishing to follow his system.

Solving the Productivity Puzzle is not for the novice. Ringo’s language is technical, and he references systems and technologies that are associated with business and understood by CEOs and organizational leaders. Yet, again, his energy brings this beyond a textbook into the realm of pleasurable reading matched with an outstanding source of material.

DL Gardner