THE MAGIC PEN takes great pride in reviewing thousands of Books every year. Of all of the submissions we receive, we feel it’s necessary to take some time to recognize a few select authors out there whose work continues to set a high standard of journalistic excellence. Some of the major factors taken into consideration:



NON FICTIONAL WORKS (items that rate stars)

– Authority/authorship
– Currency/timeliness
– Coverage/relevance
– Purpose/audience
– Accuracy/documentation
– Objectivity/thoroughness
– Solves a complex problem
– Killer Introduction
– Anti Fluff, Gets to the Point
– Takes the Reader on a Journey
– Professional Format
– Actionable Content
– Includes Personal Experiences
– Transparency
– Proven Case Studies and Results
– A Great title and Sub-title
– Relateable content
– Overall Style

FICTIONAL WORKS (items that rate stars)

– Satisfying, fitting style
– Powerful descriptions
– Balanced i/e showing and telling
– Plot
– Character Development
– Viewpoint
– Effective Dialouge
– Pacing
– Diverse and developed characters
– Effective dialogue
– Strong internal story logic
– A good balance of tension and release
– Originality
– A satisfying conclusion
– Penmanship
– Overall Style

The Magic Pen