Elizabeth Troylynn’s book is a love letter to maintaining faith to get through hard times. She writes with this matter-of-fact candor, mixed with an unapologetic and overflowing love for Jesus. In the plainspokenly titled His Mosaic Masterpiece, Troylynn highlights the extremely difficult journey navigating her way as a child and young person through familial abuse, familial separation, adoption, and foster care. In even some of the book’s darkest passages, Troylynn maintains a curiously optimistic and upbeat tonality, even though she pulls no punches at extremely sad and sobering passages.

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 She attributes her deep faith, and sense of perseverance to what has seen her through to better days, and the challenges in her life to instilling said faith and a series of strong, lasting life lessons. “I have experienced a lot of darkness in my life,” Troylynn writes. “I have been through challenging situations, and sometimes I have hit bottom emotionally and spiritually. As I look back, I have had to transmute dark into light to get through it.

 For many years, I felt like I was caught up in a world in which I did not belong. I had to trust and believe in myself and trust that God was dealing with my enemies. When I look back and see where I am today, I know I’ve had to work extremely hard to forgive many people and still have love. It was not always easy to love. Many times, I thought there was something wrong with me.”

 This sort of sentiment is particularly impressive given Troylynn lacking a strong role model, or mentor figure. In many ways, the hard-earned lessons she’s acquired for lifelong knowledge and wisdom have come from her own tenacity and ability to rise above the limitations of those around her. “Most of my guardians made bad choices. My birth mother, who felt that her life was more important than her two sons and her daughter, made the choice to abandon us. My aunt simply declined to care for us, and all these decisions led to us being relegated to Social Services.

 I have nothing but good things to say about my foster family, the Williamses. They came into our life at the right moment to help us through the rejection by showing us love and kindness. Then the state of Colorado made it impossible for us to stay with them. We were finally adopted, but my adoptive parents made bad choices as well. They were professional people who surely knew that I would benefit from a speech therapist and tutor, yet they never got me the help I needed. After they were divorced, I felt they had washed their hands of me,” Troylynn states. “…I (have) learned from my mistakes and those of others. I learned that I could not give up on my own daughters… I was born Troy and my middle name was Lynn. I combined them as one name for my daughters.

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 The name Troylynn is a very powerful word to me because I was born with that name. I was an unwanted child, but I broke the cycle of what my birth mother did. My firstborn is Alyssa Troylynn and my second daughter is Troylynn Mary. They are dearly loved and wanted with all my heart! Troylynn survived and lives through me and my beautiful daughters.”

 Cyrus Rhodes