Life, personal and professional, has taught author Matthew Moseley many lessons about the value of communication. Those instructive moments arrived via many avenues; through personal experience and otherwise, and Moseley has turned that knowledge to the best possible use. His latest book Ignition: Superior Communications Strategies for Creating Stronger Connections explores a subject that seems, at least on the surface, to enjoy near-universal consensus. One of the key components of the writer’s argument, however, is that we seldom grasp our limited understand of the subject. We believe we understand how to get our message across to other but, yet, our lives are scattered with countless professional and personal opportunities squandered because of communication breakdowns or missed opportunities.


Over the course of three parts and twenty-four chapters Moseley puts forth an argument for the primacy of communication to any successful endeavor. He tackles each facet of the subject with a relaxed yet knowledgeable air and uses several illustrations to help further reinforce his ideas. Moseley never makes readers feel like that, because of his knowledge, he occupies a higher level than they do. He understands what often motivates human beings to behave as they do, and that wisdom deepens Ignition in ways academic research cannot match. Communication is, in a big way, the story about how human beings relate to one another and Moseley examines it with a keen eye.


The aforementioned illustrations are distinguished by a dollop of style but will strike few readers as ostentatious. There are inklings of his sense of humor coming through in those illustrations, but his personality finds full expression throughout the book. He never overplays that aspect of the book but interjecting flashes of the man behind the words prevents the book from coming off as dry and cerebral. There’s plenty of evidence for Moseley’s intelligence present throughout the book without it ever leaning on overly academic writing, but he has a definite audience in mind for this book and hopes it is as wide as possible.

This is a book for the everyday reader. Ignition: Superior Communications Strategies for Creating Stronger Connections gives individuals a relatable blueprint for planning their communications and has equal application to both the personal and professional realms. It isn’t a book you’ll readily dispense with and demands little of the reader’s time. Matthew L. Moseley will undoubtedly continue working with the same five star clientele he has associated with throughout his career. The cast is well illustrated by the many interviews conducted for this book.


He draws from a diverse range of business professionals, academics, military figures, and entertainment professionals, among many others, to strengthen his ideas. The inclusion of their contributions brings an added dimension to the text, but it is convincing enough on its own merits that anything else is a happy bonus. Matthew L. Moseley’s Ignition: Superior Communications Strategies for Creating Stronger Connections will endure for many years to come as an authoritative volume on this subject and will further burnish Moseley’s already stellar reputation.

Cyrus Rhodes