Circle back to when your business was booming, life was good, and the ethereal opportunity was all you could think about… The concept of reviving a dead business from Flatline to a strong heartbeat has been around a while. But never has there been a more proactive means of finding the flow than here, in Flatlined.


The author carries through the concept and pushes out ideas, foundational notions, and step-by-step concepts that reveal the mindset required to concurrently live the dream and build the business.

Mark DeLuzio’s pioneered concepts invoke a real life initiative to fulfill the dream through a process of consistent personal development and revelation.

But his concepts are more specific than simply an invocation to live and work by. His concepts teach a new way of existence. As you apply the fundamental lessons to fulfill your experience, becoming a lean leader brings you to the top of the leadership staff, with stellar “plans” to build through the point of no return. Once there, success becomes imminent.


DeLuzio explains the difference between using Lean as a stop gap method to get the job done, or using it to drive results-oriented processes that will sustain the lifeline of their business experience. He separates the Lean initiative from the processes, and turns it into a strategic initiative designed to fulfill quantitative business goals and long term objectives.

He offers case studies of a variety of businesses who have implemented component actions to provide a comprehensive advantage with long-term gains for the overall success and profit of their business. With these case studies, DeLuzio shares the advantage created by aligning business objectives and strategies with the kind of breakthrough challenges accomplished with the Lean Mindset designed to sustain better results and transform your business strategies with an evolving design.

The standard working platform becomes impervious to the strain of simply “working a plan” when your overall standard should include functional deployment processes. These breakthrough elements of success, defined within the book evolve with the leadership rolls to subscribe to a culture where naysayers are left in a wake of excellence and satisfaction. Who needs their dissatisfaction and status quo, when problem-solving leadership moves your business above and beyond the call of death?


Within the concept of creating Lean leaders who eschew the boundaries of traditional business success, DeLuzio teaches the idea of coaching, consulting, and training the Lean process to the absolute elimination of Flatline business loss. Who wants a dying business? It’s so easier to be the leader your business needs and desires, while developing a business the moves past the Flatline to unstoppable. Drive your growth pattern home with inspiration. This book will put your team on track for success faster than a speeding silver bullet!

Jan Verhoeff