“Stop the negative voices!” You’ve heard these words too. But do you know the value of these words? Luciani shares insights into Anxiety and Depression, and how to unlearn the characteristics that bring us to our knees. The pages flip intentionally as you read one story into the next revealing the truth of how anxiety and depression destroy our lives, but there’s more. In these same pages lie the secret to overcoming, unlearning, and ending the control of doom and gloom in our lives. Luciani opens his heart to share personal insights and revelations that will change your life. Are you ready to be changed? There’s a song that kept spinning through my head as I read these pages, “Lord, I’m so tired of being stirred and not being changed.” And they kept spinning. More and more as I read, I felt the chaos slip away and the change become part of the fabric of life. Could these words have such impact?

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Was I literally retraining my brain as I read through the book? The power of words to make a difference in my life, to change who I believed I was, and erase the chaotic emotions that occasionally took over. Could it be? The trial run on my mental acuity in a quick review meant I needed to read more. I needed to know if the process worked on others as it did on me. So, I sat down to dinner, with a few choice phrases from the book on cards, to use with my grandsons. Affirmative phrases to promote healing, calm, and satisfaction through the time we spent together. Wording could be everything, so I’d copied them exactly as Luciani had said them in his book. I wanted answers. I got them. My grandsons responded positively to the affirmative word choices. It felt good to end dinner with less chaos, anxiety, and frustration. The meal went well, and bedtime was coming. I left them with their parents, reiterating the phrases that had ended in a pleasant meal. The book worked. The words of the author could be applied even with a quick run through to change lives.

And that’s where I left them… To come finish writing the review. The key to the whole concept was this question: How long do you continue reliving the past to fix your future? And do you have to relive it at all? People raised in a non-nurturing environment may not have any more depression or anxiety than those raised in a nurturing environment. It was refreshing to hear that those who still have the ability to make solid decisions, may not need drug therapy, but rather a planned strategic change in thinking, actions, and the words they say to themselves. The message must change. I found this book to be profoundly compelling. I want to read it so much that I will be ordering a copy for myself and perhaps a few extras for friends who deal with anxiety issues. The reality of adapting to change and making a drastic improvement in your life future is definitely enough to make me recommend this book to anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression. This book definitely gets a good solid 4 star rating from me. The only drawback I saw in the book was the consistent use of passive language.

Jan Verhoeff