Janet McKee’s Stressless Success: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity lands in the motivational or “self-help” genre of non-fiction, but it is something more. The book reveals a great deal about McKee thanks in no small part to the obvious connection she establishes with readers and her convincing passion in self-realization and improvement. Her biography reveals a great deal about her as well. It is a safe assumption a genuine investment in your life’s calling means you bring something of yourself to it each minute of the day. Her membership in the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers is one of many other notable achievements. The High Performance Institute awarded her a certification in High Performance and she currently serves as CEO of SanaView, a wellness center located on a farm in Pennsylvania.

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The book’s thee part fourteen chapter structure is rife with titles directed at the reader and uniformly positive. McKee’s time as a public speaker exerts a clear influence over the book, but it isn’t any sort of a drawback. It inflates the prose in some ways, but never to a fatal degree. Public speaking is, by nature, a theatrical exercise, so the method of direct address works here. It helps McKee writes with surefooted skill. She is a bestselling author, after all, but even a first time McKee reader will be impressed by the cool confidence and unerring sentences permeating her work.

McKee’s book brokers no despair. It is important to note, however, her work never views the world with pie-eyed positivity. She acknowledges the obstacles we often face within and without and her resolute insistence on this separates Stressless Success from many illusory new-age type books you might encounter. There’s no pandering to the reader here. McKee sees the world for what it is and offers interested parties an alternative point of view about realizing their potential and future.

The book isn’t particularly lengthy, so it will make no inordinate demands on your time for an initial reading. Another strength is how McKee builds it to sustain and even encourage multiple readings. She expects, if you get something from her ideas, you will return time and again to the book before ever exhausting its riches. She utilizes quotes from a variety of individuals during the text and they serve the purpose of reinforcing her point of the moment. The book uses aphorisms, as well, with similar effect. McKee includes a section she entitles “Secrets to Success” at the end of each chapter and these neat “summations” are an invaluable addition to the book.

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The book ends on a rousing note with McKee dropping any semblance of pretense and addressing the reader more directly than she has since the introduction. Her sincerity doesn’t strike a false note and, for many, will be the crowning touch of this book. Janet McKee’s Stressless Success is an important addition to the ever-growing body of inspirational literature and stands out thanks to the irresistible “call” of her voice.

Jason Hillenburg