It’s rare when you have something that succinctly captures, lightning-in-a-bottle style and concurrently, facets and precepts that are as holistic as they are guaranteed recipe ingredients for long-term success. But that’s exactly what Elliot Noble-Holt manages to cook up with the release of his new book, Bald Bearded Boss: Manifesting Who You’re Meant to Be. He generously uses painfully intimate scenarios from his own life, something worthy of a John Berendt book, as analogies and examples to support his philosophy on how to overcome adversity in one’s external environment, and essentially create a map that details an individualized path to success.

“When people are faced with grief, setbacks, or other hurdles life poses, they turn to different mechanisms to help manage. Many lean on the support of friends, family, and loved ones. Others indulge in the comforts of food, drink, or assorted earthly pleasures. And there are those who seek solace in spirituality, go into a dark space, or drown themselves with work. My way of coping was to start a business,” Noble-Holt proclaims in the book’s first chapter. He goes on to state, “For sure, I had the kind of space in my life start-up entrepreneurs need. By nature, I avoid the difficult emotional situations that stop a lot of people. I move quickly forward. That’s exactly how I dealt with this phase of my life.


After the morning of Dad’s passing, I left his place for good. Except for a trip to gather my things, I would never return. I left my sister to deal with Dad’s belongings. Within a week, I had moved to my own apartment. My mom lived a good distance from my high school, too far for me to live with her and commute back and forth to classes. Besides, she was somewhere between staving off depression and trying to put the pieces of her life together. And so, there I was, at all of seventeen, out there on my own. For the first time in my life, I was waking up in an empty apartment. And when I came home, there was no one to join in watching TV, sharing meals, or just hanging out. A business would help me fill that blank canvas.”

So begins what Noble-Holt describes as an exponential set of mental building blocks to set up for one’s self. In the aforementioned, particular chapter – simply titled I’m Going to Be the Boss – the blurb and footnotes he attaches are christened under the categorical title Remembering Your Dream Job. “Were you inspired by the flashback to my adolescent dream of becoming a boss?” he writes. “…As children, we constantly asked one another what we wanted to be when we grew up…I recommend that you begin gathering the pieces you need to recapture the profession you fantasized about…it may be a way to get you back in the spirit of dreaming big.”

Kendall Townsend