Eileen McDargh – Burnout to Breakthrough – Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters

Interesting that McDargh opens Burnout to Breakthrough by informing us that burn out is now listed as an official disease by The World Health Organization! I don’t doubt that many of us feel the symptoms, perhaps not on a daily basis, but often enough it becomes a concern. Because of that Burnout to Breakthrough was written to help workers, and anyone actually who are finding themselves in a ‘tither’ become resilient to pressure in the work place. McDargh offers her ideas on what helps and hinders us from falling apart under stress. She gives us four elements to consider: Controlling what we think, handling our emotions, using our hands or our actions in a positive way, and maybe most importantly, not losing our humor.

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For all the life coaching books I’ve read lately, this is the first one I’ve seen humor mentioned, and personally I think humor is probably one of the most important ingredients to a healthy existence. My kudos to McDargh for spending time talking about it! 

Burnout to Breakthrough is exceptionally well formatted so that the book is fun to read. Graphics and notations throughout the chapters make clear some of the more important points. Her statistics that she’s gathered are extremely interesting and every chapter is lauded with alerts and questionnaires that will help us to check our emotional wellbeing. These notations posted as illustrations would be just as good as a note on our bulletin board to read over a cup of coffee when we begin our day. Gentle reminders to keep our head on our shoulders when going through trying times.

McDargh’s language is upbeat and entertaining to read. The energy in her text is delightful.  For instance, “Remember: Just as there are cycles of the tides and periods of the moon, so too are there periods of our life. What is this period of your life? If it’s a period, then no truer words were ever spoken than “this too shall pass.” STOP first. LOOK next. LISTEN deeply.”

 The questions she asks throughout the entire book are not only creative, but they seek creative answers! They get the reader to think and respond, and in so doing, what she teaches becomes more than head knowledges, but rather heart knowledge.

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Right now, who sits with you in your metaphorical sailboat? What faces do you see?  What voices do you hear? Even more important, whom do you want in your sailboat?  Who requires most of your attention?  Who brings joy to life? Who needs to be tossed overboard?

I found Burnout to Breakthrough an enjoyable read as well as an informative text. It’s time for everyone to take a breath from this stressful world and begin to enjoy life again. It doesn’t just happen. There are pathways we can walk that will aide us in learning how to return to being human beings rather than human doings, and McDargh has come up with a pleasant formula that will get us on that road!

DL Gardiner