Daniel Bruder’s The Blendification System: Achieving Potential by Connecting Culture, Strategy, and Execution is another text about producing effective business leadership but has wider resonance. The book is born from over three decades spent working as a teacher and executive, but Bruder’s personal experiences are key to the book’s success. He currently serves as CEO for Fusion Dynamics Group, a leadership firm and international strategy firm based out of Colorado and both his past and present alike place Bruder on the front lines of what makes effective leaders in a way many of his peers and contemporaries cannot match. Those ingredients make for a winning concoction in The Blendification System.

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The Blendification System, to put it succinctly, relies on synergy. Bruder envisions the system integrating team forums, technology, and internal peer groups into a cohesive whole capable of strengthening a business overall. He further imagines that, having achieved the aforementioned synergy, it will exert a positive influence on anyone who encounters it – customers, families, and even the communities where they operate. He goes to great pains in this book to delineate the system for readers. The Blendification System extends over four parts and fourteen chapters covering topics such as execution, strategic focus, the system of business, and strategic analysis. It makes for a substantial book, over three hundred pages in length, but readers are fortunate.

Bruder may not be a natural writer in the sense it is his day to day vocation, but he maintains a tight grip on the language and writes with cool efficiency. Bruder does employ a fair amount of terminology and jargon throughout the course of this book but never fails to provide clarity for readers about what each term means and how it connects to the greater whole. His treatment of the subject is exhaustive without exhausting his audience and Bruder deserves praise for his ability to lay out such a comprehensive approach for corporate leadership and effective business practices with such control.

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Much of the book’s “voice” will give readers the impression of attending a public speaking engagement. This is unsurprising given his frequent keynote speeches and workshop appearances. The occasional inclusion of illustrations throughout the text further reinforces this impression, but Bruder’s selections in this regard are well chosen. He makes it clear, directly and through implication, that his target audience for the book are business leaders, but astute readers will recognize early on that many of his principles and ideas have valid application for individuals outside corporate or business paradigms.

Daniel Bruder hasn’t written this book for vainglorious reasons or to further buttress his reputation. It comes through, time after time, that his primary motivation is an attempt to aid individuals in a leadership position maximize their own potential and those surrounding them. The Blendification System: Achieving Potential by Connecting Culture, Strategy, and Execution is free from pretension and, instead, provides those leaders with a viable and practical design for realizing goals they may find difficult to achieve by any other method.

Jason Hiillenburg