“What organizations do you think are doing the most interesting and important work right now?” Cathy Wasserman and Lauren Weinstein ask in one of the passages of their new book, The Empowered Job Search: Build a New Mindset and Get a Job in an Unpredictable World. “Do you want to work for an organization with a particular mission such as improving healthcare, providing access to education, or addressing climate change?” they continue. “With the economy and job market increasingly unpredictable, we encourage you to learn about the funding structures to understand the implications for your own job stability.”

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So begins an extensive descent into what Wasserman and Weinstein ultimately state is as much a mindset as it is an actual, realized methodology. Navigating the present day jobs scene is fundamentally easy, they argue. You just need to know how to play the game. And by play the game, not just focus on winning the first fight. You’re the lean horse for the long ride, and part of being the lean horse for the long ride is utilizing a set of positive traits carrying you through the modern day markets with a sense of confidence, and competency.

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The basis of any actual action one should take, according to Wasserman and Weinstein, lies in a fundamental understanding of the applicant’s self, traits, and capabilities on both a personal and professionalized level. But for every bit of postmodern thinking and rhetoric, Wasserman and Weinstein never get lost in the proverbial clouds. They’re grounded but age-appropriate, the specific tonalities of the book seemingly geared towards an especially millennial and Generation Z-based audience. “Even if you apply to a job you’re really excited about, continue to look for other opportunities so you’re not putting all your energy into one option,” they state. “…If you’re feeling stuck or want to kickstart your creativity, experiment with what works best for you. It might be helpful to review older versions of your résumé or start brainstorming right away using the work you did on your unique value.”

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It’s nice to see there be a bridge merging the gap between the colder, old-school mentality regarding climbing the corporate ladder and the modern, more ambiguous blurring of standard and echelon lines. Part of what makes The Empowered Job Search stand out is its genuinely positive and cheerful outlook on the possibilities awaiting the prepared applicant in today’s world. With the massive technological, sociocultural, and therefore professional milieus as time goes on, there’s less and less exclusivity to what one can achieve. It’s merely a matter of thinking outside of the box while observing the ground rules, and in an odd sense – having a good amount of fun. It also is dependent upon the implementation of what Wasserman and Weinstein highlight as the New Work Paradigm, personalizing one’s self in a professionalized context so space can be created for others to do the same. “We define mindset as the conscious and unconscious thoughts, beliefs, feelings and needs that shape your ability to direct your outlook and experiences,” Wasserman and Weinstein write. “The pressure to succeed and be productive is only amplified by globalization, automation and artificial intelligence. Skills have shorter shelf lives; there’s a need for ongoing learning, re-tooling and revamping expertise to keep up.”

Kendall Townsend