Not for the faint of heart, this masterfully written expose of adventure meets business reveals the thrill of riding out a 50 foot wave to the terror of the boardroom. Both equally challenging and captivating, of course. You’ll understand the significance of outrunning a boardroom avalanche from the perspective of a surfer riding a slab wave. Exhilarating. The turbulent joy of excruciating fear combined with the compulsory knowledge and determination to succeed are interchangeable.

If you can survive it, you can overcome it. If you can overcome it, you can push through it to find success. These principled lessons are shared throughout the book, in both adventure and business experiences as they are defined and described by the authors. I found their words brilliant.


How you perceive your situation will change the world before you.  These two frequently challenge the face of business the same way they faced down the career ending injuries of their extreme adventure experiences. Only in business, you have to rely on your ability to inspire a team of fellow actors who may not have your same determination to survive the jump.

The impact of such intense inspiration offers excellent lessons for business leaders facing today’s boardroom challenges. Amy and Kevin propel their readers through the thrilling compilation of adversity, competition, and cognitive recognition of opportunity and inspiration. Their driven desire to connect big ideas to the continuum of compelling excellence becomes the reader’s ability to achieve the Big Dream.

About the time I reached page three, I’d lost the shrug factor and knew I would finish the book. Not only finish it, but because I’m not an extreme adventure kind of girl, I would definitely be looking back to capture the essence of those experiences when facing my next boardroom, or business challenge. The significance of their experience dominated the seven correlating lessons. Without either the experience or the profoundly accurate description of those experiences, the cataclysmic experiences of profit zapping obstacles, turbulent setbacks, and life altering business failures could easily knock the wind from your sales and leave you raising the white flag of surrender.


Yet, instead… With the comprehensive knowledge and mindset instilled by the authors of the book, commitment becomes a determination to push through the challenges, learn the lessons, and emerge on the other side as leaders ready to ride whatever wave the future might bring. Every paragraph brought new insight, new inspiration, and wisdom designed to overcome the challenges and struggles that might appear in any business situation.

Just reading the book generates a paradigm shift remarkable enough to form emerging leaders, empower business owners to step forward with risk-taking insights and wisdom to power past the fear of failure straight to the pinnacle of success. The harrowing experiences defined in this book will change your outlook and challenge you to rise to the summit in whatever industry you choose to work.

Jan Verhoeff