Thank you for being with us!  Where are you based and where are you originally from? 

A little town name Savannah Georgia originally

What would you never apologize for?

For being Honest

Who is your HERO and what does a HERO mean to you? 

My Dad, He made sure that his kids will be okay after his gone’.

What exotic location would you most like to visit  when COVID is finally over?

Romania to visit the Clifftop Bran Castle

How do you juggle the day job and the dream career, or are they one and the same?  

They are one in the same

Tell us about your road to success!!

Does anyone know what the road to success looks like in Reality? I’ve prayed about it and ask God to guide me in the right direction. I’ve always wanted my name, my pen name, to be a household name. Like Mike Wallace….lol and Betty White when it comes to being an author when it comes to a good action book. Hey Scott V. L. Mac has a good book out; it’s called Twenty-Six Degrees; it’s packed with action. If my book makes it to a big screen, I can say I’ve done it. Anyone can dream big. It’s up to you to make it happen and accomplish your dream.

If you could be in two places at one time, everyday…where would those places be? 

For some reason I’ve always wanted to tackle the man’s world for some reason. I love driving big things one would drive over the road and operate cranes on the port

How do you get pumped up before a big event?  

Think about my family and making my kids proud of me

What is your mantra?

lol, stop being so petty

What does the term:  “MAKING IT”  mean to you? 

To reach my full Self-actualization. Sometimes I feel like i’m hard on myself because it’s so much to do, so much to accomplish out there. You know there is know one that’s going to help you but you and you have to make do with what you got

If you had a super power what would it be and why? 

Telepathic to know what my boyfriend is thinking when I’m talking to him even if i’m on the phone or at work,lol

How do you feel the future is BRIGHT!?

Being able to wake up and doing it all over again, while you’re thanking the BIG Guy for giving you another day

If you could meet one inspirational person, living or deceased, who would it be and why?

Martin Luther King, because i wouldn’t be where I am  today he made all this possible for Black African Americans to succeed in life now here i am trying to put my name out there




End of Interview