In his book Limitless Nine Steps to Launch your Extraordinary Life, Peter Ruppert has written a guide that he calls “Traits of a Champion”.

He hopes that this book, in his words, “… communicates that each one of us is born with a unique combination of talent, skills and smarts that, when put to concerted use, can allow us to create the kind of limitless life we imagine.”


 His secrets to success which he offers in Limitless is a guide that Ruppert created while teaching his children how to be champions of life, and which helped them in their careers. It has had such an affect on others he’s offered the information to, that he decided to write a book outlining the system.

Ruppert begins his instructions with the chapter Win the Battle in Your Head. In this chapter he outlines practical steps to take toward a positive attitude, or mindset. Ruppert uses his own life experiences to demonstrate how he has overcome obstacles in his life that held him back by using a specific thought process and compares where he was at mentally the times he failed and the times he succeeded.

In his chapter about pursuing a passion, Ruppert explains how people become trapped in seeking a paycheck rather than seeking a means to fulfillment, and then offers a new perspective on that idea concluding with exercises that will help you identify your passion if you haven’t already. Ruppert writes about his own passion as a successful entrepreneur, and explains clearly how, through trial and error, he was successful. That he found a way to make money with his own business in order to fund his way through college is commendable, having at the time rejected working a minimum wage job that would have made him miserable.

His chapters on dreaming big,  finding a champion to support you, taking the first steps, having courage, on perseverance and refusing to give up, and living, all come with a remarkable references, exercises, examples, and questions, as well as thoughtful quotes by a collection of remarkable people.  Limitless offers questions at the end of each chapter that personalize these lessons. He has some interesting exercises that will inspire and encourage you. Ruppert also includes lists of other books to read, podcasts to listen to, and videos to watch that give further reference to the theme of each individual chapter.


Limitless is a well thought-out and well researched guide to setting yourself up for success in life. As Ruppert explains, you won’t always win, and you may not always achieve your goals. But if you press on and don’t lose sight of your dreams, you’ll enjoy the journey and learn how to make the best of it and take another step toward your goals.

Limitless is an uplifting book. I see it being extremely useful for especially for young people just getting a start in life, although everyone can benefit from the information it contains. That Ruppert has included an extensive list of resources and exercises, anyone purchasing this book can find something of life-changing value. I recommend it to anyone looking for a way to achieve and extraordinary life!

Dianne Gardner