Jack Stack is president and CEO of SRC Holdings Corporation and was called the “smartest strategist in America” by Inc. Magazine. Darren Dahl is a business journalist. 

In their book The Game of Business, Jack Stack and Darren Dahl offer some knowledgeable insight into what can happen when people embrace a system that makes work fun and rewarding. They offer three key aspects of playing the game of business which include knowing the ‘rules’ of business management, following the action, and keeping track.

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Imagine working with a group of people, a team have you, that are so involved in what they do because they know everything about the business,  that everyone pitches in to make the best product in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. This must be done by complete transparency of management, which could be a clencher to some, but Jack Stack and Darren Dahl have case studies of companies they have worked with that have come out ahead of the game because they used this strategy.

 “Transparency is about teaching people how to succeed.”  – The Game of Business, Jack Stack and Darren Dahl pg. 202

The Game of Business, challenges companies to not look at employees as simply people who work for them, but people who are invested in the company. The concept is much like a football team. Everyone works together for the whole. The Game of Business gives not only case histories of business people all over the world, but the authors have interviewed participants—employees—of those companies and organizations that use this method and have recorded their thoughts, which challenge the critics and praises the concept of teamwork.

The Game of Business addresses more than just teamwork, though that is the beginning.  Jack Stack and Darren Dahl have also included other aspects of running a successful business. The book is a simple-to-read and interesting field study of successful and unsuccessful businesses. The authors give the why and wherefore for both and often the before and after of businesses that were failing and then, with Stack advising them, the amazing turn around. Stack and Dahl also offer an array of strong, proven points that back up their strategy.

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It’s interesting to note that when Stack and Dahl conducted several polls among business students in college asking whether profit represented value, or represented cheating the customer, most people answered profit meant cheating the customer.  It astonished the authors that so many people had a negative concept of profit. In The Game of Business they prove by the retelling of personal experiences, that this attitude will either make or break the business. Investigating further, Stack and Dahl found that this negative attitude about profit was originally due to poor education in business management and so they have had to reeducate their clients.

The Game of Business, is written almost entirely as case studies, interviews and then strategic resolves. which make the reading both entertaining and informative?

DL Gardner