Bryant Lusk scores with his new book on heart health, simply titled Heart Disease & Hypertension: Vitamin Therapy for a Healthy Heart. Not solely because of the genuinely plainspoken yet intelligent writing style, or the effective presentation of all concepts involved. Nor is it Mr. Lusk’s willingness to unpack things to a level simplistic enough that in less competent hands, it would have made the reader feel almost insulted. It’s the collective impact the book has, highlighting on both the microscopic and macrocosmic set of levels the A to Z aspects of what constitutes heart health.


Lusk also scores here by way of making the read feel evocative, even entertaining, and dare I say – fun. “The human heart pumps life-giving blood very minute of every day for your entire life. Sadly, heart disease is the number one killer of women and men in America and nations abroad. High blood pressure (hypertension) increases the risk,” he writes at the beginning of the read. “The terms heart disease and cardiovascular disease refer to a variety of medical conditions impacting the heart or blood vessels. Some are debilitating, while others can be fatal. Little-known, extremely important facts are revealed in this book to prevent and reverse the most common causes of heart attacks and strokes.

You will find simple, readily available options to protect your heart and add years to your life. Many individuals are not aware of specific vitamin, mineral, and plant-based chemical deficiencies that can cause or contribute to heart disease. Avoiding or reversing these deficiencies can dramatically lower the risk of you and your loved ones succumbing to a heart attack or cardiac arrest. Doing so can also prevent or reverse hypertension and other adverse health conditions.”

It’s an exceedingly effective and efficient tactic. Lusk knows how to communicate the sense of everyday urgency of the facts. But it’s also his specific word choice and sense of creativity when it comes to the presentational values themselves that takes Heart Disease & Hypertension: Vitamin Therapy for a Healthy Heart to the next level literarily. “As a credentialed Safety Inspector and Quality Control Specialist, I examined complex processes to find deficiencies and conflicts within them,” he continues to build on this, citing professional heft. “…


The information offered here provides a path of least resistance to a healthier heart and longer life. Moreover, the strategy presented will enable you to achieve long-term results, with only the smallest investments in your health. I am keenly aware of human factors that lead to the failure of overly burdensome routines. My goal is to share an enjoyable and straightforward approach toward significantly improving or maintaining excellent heart function and cardiovascular health.”

Affability serves to make any kind of reading experience wholly digestible, whether to the presumed audience base or the random reader profile in general. “The information has not been cherry-picked to support foregone conclusions. Again, my goal is to show you a path of least resistance to superior heart function and overall health—a path you won’t mind walking for the rest of your life,” Lusk writes.

I can certify having read the entirety of the book the words Amen to that!

 Cyrus Rhodes