White’s book Disrupting Corporate Culture? is a relevant discourse on culture in the business world today, contesting all that has been practiced up until the present, and a specific warning for industry to be aware of– with change of technology, what White calls the “Fourth Industrial Revolution, today’s culture will be obsolete very shortly.

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Disrupting Corporate Culture. I had at the beginning of the book, hoped that White would address more the way corporations influence the culture of society for their own financial gain. It seemed with some of his opening statements concerning the direction leading corporations are going, that he would address this problem, but instead he goes in another direction altogether. White resorts to addressing the culture within a business and uses new science and new psychology for the same purpose. His deep and specific dialogue on what culture is and is not is a good foundation for the fixes he offers. White’s ideas on culture in the workplace are revolutionary. There are a lot of books on the subject of creating a better, stronger, more productive workplace but many of these concepts are as old fashioned as todays computers will be tomorrow. Also, many of these ideas fail and White explains, very thoroughly, why.

White offers a “culture survey” that will help the reader determine their culture within their company. He then offers a number of myths associated with corporate culture and debunks them and the thought processes behind them, only to tear down misinformation in order to build with new and more practical solutions.

It is true when said that this book will challenge the theories being presented by countless advisors on culture in the workplace. White has done his homework, investigating, and studying practices of CEOs and management in countless businesses and has come up with a solution.

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The book is well organized, with chapter summaries, bullet points, charts and illustrations. His writing is industry specific and professional, and White backs his topics up with case studies, facts and data.

His ‘tips’ that he includes in the book are extraordinarily helpful. For instance:

Tip: Leaders would see a lot more ROI for their culture investment if they prioritized holding their organizations accountable for practices supportive of a desired future state than simply evangelizing their beliefs.” – David G. White, Jr Will Covid-19 Change Culture pg 45. 


 Tip: There is nothing wrong with establishing a desired set of norms and values. The problem is most companies stop there. They either expect people will somehow magically “get it” and behave accordingly, or they expend significant resources trying to drive conformance. The modern science of the brain shows why this is so often wasted effort and points to a better way.” David G. White, Jr Will Covid-19 Change Culture pg 26.

 Disrupting Corporate Culture by David G white, Jr is an informative book and well worth the read for leaders in the corporate industry to modernize their methods, and ways of thinking.

Dianne Gardner