Some writers, thinkers, and professionals put their proverbial money where their mouths are. Chris Cicchinelli is among them. His book The Secret Is YOU: How I Empowered 250,000 Women to Find Their Passion and Changes Their Lives sets forth the vision for success that has powered his company Pure Romance. What began as a family owned business with limited reach now spans continents and has experienced exponential growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. He empathizes a personal connection for each of his consultants and it is easy to see why. In-home businesses such as this require an intimate touch you can apply, with variations, to many areas of your professional life.


Another important contribution Cicchinelli makes with this book is underlining how the personal and professional can overlap with positive effects. It isn’t often you find a son who, after experiencing significant professional success, takes a job working with his mother’s company and helps turn it into one of the more notable small business success stories I’ve heard. Pure Romance employs tens of thousands consultants worldwide who sell sex toys in in-home party settings and the nature of such work requires sensitivity in a way few jobs do. Mixing his attributes as a self-starter with that sensitivity demanded by his chosen area of sales makes for a potent combination.


The structure of the book eschews any sideshows or needless fanfare. Cicchinelli, instead, keeps the focus squarely on the subject at hand, making the most of your given talents, yet doesn’t follow a predictable path illustrating its points. He takes a dozen chapters to develops his ideas for readers and it takes on the form of an extended motivational speech. This is important for the book’s success. A more restrained academic approach would have weakened the book’s impact,

Spotlight the work of individual consultants along with including a takeaways section at the end of each chapter are the few frills Cicchinelli adds to the book. The latter is the more important of the two as it provides a brief reprise of the ideas each chapter explores; it’s a helpful move reinforcing his message as the book moves forward. Some readers may find the aforementioned tone of the work, however, a little disagreeable. These are the sort who crave a more nuts and bolts approach to professional advice rather than the more ingratiating take Ciccinelli pursues.


Such quibbles are minor. The book is narrowly targeted, this is true, but the vast majority of readers who encounter The Secret is YOU will find it approachable and rife with pertinent information. Chris Cuccinelli has taken his personal story, experiences from his professional life, and what’s learned from self-examination along the way, and formulated a design for excellence anyone can adopt. His ideas and methods alike are accessible but, more importantly, Ciccinelli is accessible. It isn’t difficult connecting with the voice behind The Secret Is YOU: How I Empowered 250,000 Women to Find Their Passion and Changes Their Lives and the rapport he establishes with you makes his message all the more compelling. 

Cyrus Rhodes