Bob Nelson and Mario Tamayo make a formidable literary team. This in part is backed by both men’s experience within the professional milieus and fields about which they preach. Bob Nelson is the president of the firm Nelson Motivation Inc., analyzing and strategizing effective outcomes with respect to recognizing and engaging an enterprise’s employee base. Mario Tamayo boasts extensive experience working with corporate organizations such as Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Petco, and the US Men’s Olympic Volleyball team. He also is a principal with Tamayo Group Inc. The cliche would be such seasoned professionals would sport an appropriate jadedness and healthy amount of no-nonsense rhetoric, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nelson and Tamayo have an upbeat, boisterous, and authentically enjoyable set of presentational demeanors – as evidenced by the release of their new book, Work Made Fun Gets Done!: Easy Ways to Boost Energy, Morale, and Results. Both men have a clear and distinctive sense of humor, which elevates the already uplifting focal points and topicalities of the book’s subject matter. In essence, Nelson and Tamayo insert the age-old proverb of fun equalling productivity into the modern day corporate industrial setting.

As far as they are concerned, it is high time to retire the old ways of doing business and engaging in an extensive house down process so maximum outcome is certified by maximum employee base investment. In short, everyone needs to feel like they have skin in the game – from the most janitorial positions to the highest levels of decision-making. The universal key to evening that field? Nelson and Tamayo make it almost painfully clear with their word choice concerning the title of their new book. Work Made Fun Gets Done! 


In an overview of their philosophy, Nelson and Tamayo articulate: “Fun can’t be forced on others. No one should be made to participate in an activity deemed ‘fun’ by others if they don’t want to. But the more you do it, the more fun at work starts to snowball.” They then elaborate, “Having fun at one task or responsibility will spill over into other tasks and responsibilities that make them more fun. It will also positively affect those around you so that they better enjoy working with you and come to want more fun at work as well.”

It’s through the bell-clear simplicity of their house style that Nelson and Tamayo make expansive yet fundamentally core-simple conceptual designs understandable for a wide audience. Their book eschews style for clarity. It’s a nice change considering the common critiques affiliated with the business and leadership advice tome categories. “(There) is compelling data that supports the notion that any company should strive to make work more fun for employees in their organization,”

Nelson and Tamayo argue. They go on to elaborate that such a mindset is not solely available to the leadership of a specific enterprise, and that such an attitude opens the doorway for a truly two-way street initiative. “You might be wondering, ‘What if I have a boss who’s not very fun?’,” the duo writes. “Well, you can still strive to make your own work fun, but you can also be the person who helps to interject fun into the work environment for others to enjoy, and maybe work on getting your boss to want more fun too!”

Kendall Townsend